Founder George Lutz asked a
simple question, which turns out
to have a not-so-simple answer.


What is the name of the
first person ever to die for the
cause of American freedom?


Because this is an attempt to arrive at an official disposition, all inquiries at all interest levels are self-published, and all serious responses should be documented. Anyone may respond to any submission, inquiry or comment, and all potential responders should be included, so please kindly forward this page to all with a possible interest and/or relevant base of knowledge.

Note that the "start date" for the period of qualification has not been defined, intentionally (or, at least, as of yet), so any event resulting in the death of an individual suffered for the cause of American freedom may be submitted. 

One example put forth thus far, suggests that a tavern brawl in Norfolk on the night of its burning, New Year's Eve 1775, would qualify if a local resident, in opposing the rule-by-monarchy of King George, resulted in his death at the hands of a Loyalist.  Another suggests that the War of Independence commenced far later than the first skirmishes over tyrannical rule, and some, who might be qualified, could have died as early as the establishment of Jamestown in 1607 under the colonial rule of King James.

Notwithstanding the above examples, Honor and Remember exists to recognize those who sacrificed their lives while in active military service; as such, it should be that the date used to mark the earliest qualifying event will be the universally accepted date for the commencement of the Revolutionary War:  April 19, 1775, even though the war had its origins in the resistance to taxes imposed by the British parliament and the formal acts of rebellion against British authority, which ensued beginning in September 1774, when the Patriot Suffolk Resolves effectively abolished the legal government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

Whatever your own position, and whichever date you choose, you should prepare for a robust discussion, especially if your opinion diverges or departs significantly from those of others.

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Happy hunting (and pecking), and thank you in advance for your participation.



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